Class ProvisioningProfileMetadata

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class ProvisioningProfileMetadata
    extends Object
    implements AddsToRuleKey
    Metadata contained in a provisioning profile (.mobileprovision).
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProvisioningProfileMetadata

        public ProvisioningProfileMetadata()
    • Method Detail

      • getAppID

        public abstract Pair<String,​String> getAppID()
        Returns a (prefix, identifier) pair for which the profile is valid.

        e.g. (ABCDE12345, com.example.TestApp) or (ABCDE12345, *)

      • getExpirationDate

        public abstract Date getExpirationDate()
      • getUUID

        public abstract String getUUID()
      • getProfilePath

        public abstract Path getProfilePath()
      • getPlatforms

        public<String> getPlatforms()
        The set of platforms the profile is valid for.
      • getEntitlements

        public abstract<String,​com.dd.plist.NSObject> getEntitlements()
        Key/value pairs of the "Entitlements" dictionary in the embedded plist.
      • getDeveloperCertificateFingerprints

        public abstract<> getDeveloperCertificateFingerprints()
        SHA1 hashes of the certificates in the "DeveloperCertificates" section.
      • splitAppID

        public static Pair<String,​String> splitAppID​(String appID)
        Takes a application identifier and splits it into prefix and bundle ID.

        Prefix is always a ten-character alphanumeric sequence. Bundle ID may be a fully-qualified name or a wildcard ending in *.

      • prefixFromEntitlements

        public static Optional<String> prefixFromEntitlements​(<String,​com.dd.plist.NSObject> entitlements)
        Takes an ImmutableMap representing an entitlements file, returns the application prefix if it can be inferred from keys in the entitlement. Otherwise, it returns empty.
      • getMergeableEntitlements

        public<String,​com.dd.plist.NSObject> getMergeableEntitlements()