Class MultiarchFileInfos

  • public class MultiarchFileInfos
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static Optional<> create​(FlavorDomain<UnresolvedAppleCxxPlatform> appleCxxPlatforms,
                                                                                 BuildTarget target)
        Inspect the given build target and return information about it if its a fat binary.
        non-empty when the target represents a fat binary.
        HumanReadableException - when the target is a fat binary but has incompatible flavors.
      • checkTargetSupportsMultiarch

        public static void checkTargetSupportsMultiarch​(BuildTarget target)
        Assert that target supports multiple architectures.
      • generateThinFlavors

        public static<<Flavor>> generateThinFlavors​(SortedSet<Flavor> flavors)
        Expand flavors representing a fat binary into its thin binary equivalents.

        Useful when dealing with functions unaware of fat binaries.

        This does not actually check that the particular flavor set is valid.