Class IdbOutputParsing

  • public class IdbOutputParsing
    extends Object
    Utility class to parse the output from idb.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IdbOutputParsing

        public IdbOutputParsing()
    • Method Detail

      • streamOutputFromReader

        public static void streamOutputFromReader​(Reader reader,
                                                  IdbOutputParsing.IdbResultCallback resultCallback)
        Decodes a stream of JSON objects as produced by xctool -reporter json-stream and invokes the callbacks in eventCallback with each event in the stream.
      • testResultSummaryForTestResult

        public static TestResultSummary testResultSummaryForTestResult​( result)
        Function that will generate a TestResultSummary from the result of a test printed by idb (ImmutableIdbTestResult)