Class AndroidPlatformTarget

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AddsToRuleKey, Toolchain

    public abstract class AndroidPlatformTarget
    extends Object
    implements Toolchain, AddsToRuleKey
    Represents a platform to target for Android. Eventually, it should be possible to construct an arbitrary platform target, but currently, we only recognize a fixed set of targets.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AndroidPlatformTarget

        public AndroidPlatformTarget()
    • Method Detail

      • getPlatformName

        public abstract String getPlatformName()
        This is likely something like "Google Inc.:Google APIs:21".
      • getAndroidJar

        public abstract Path getAndroidJar()
      • getBootclasspathEntries

        public abstract List<Path> getBootclasspathEntries()
        bootclasspath entries as absolute Paths
      • getAaptExecutable

        public abstract java.util.function.Supplier<Tool> getAaptExecutable()
      • getAapt2ToolProvider

        public abstract ToolProvider getAapt2ToolProvider()
      • getAdbExecutable

        public abstract Path getAdbExecutable()
      • getAidlExecutable

        public abstract Path getAidlExecutable()
      • getZipalignExecutable

        public abstract Path getZipalignExecutable()
      • getDxExecutable

        public abstract Path getDxExecutable()
      • getAndroidFrameworkIdlFile

        public abstract Path getAndroidFrameworkIdlFile()
      • getProguardJar

        public abstract Path getProguardJar()
      • getProguardConfig

        public abstract Path getProguardConfig()
      • getOptimizedProguardConfig

        public abstract Path getOptimizedProguardConfig()
      • addParseTimeDeps

        public void addParseTimeDeps​(<BuildTarget> builder,
                                     TargetConfiguration targetConfiguration)
        Process aapt2 tool's parse dependencies and adds them to the builder