Class UnsortedAndroidResourceDeps

  • public class UnsortedAndroidResourceDeps
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • UnsortedAndroidResourceDeps

        public UnsortedAndroidResourceDeps​(<HasAndroidResourceDeps> resourceDeps)
    • Method Detail

      • createFrom

        public static UnsortedAndroidResourceDeps createFrom​(Collection<BuildRule> rules,
                                                             Optional<UnsortedAndroidResourceDeps.Callback> callback)
        Returns transitive android resource deps which are _not_ sorted topologically, only to be used when the order of the resource rules does not matter, for instance, when graph enhancing UberRDotJava, DummyRDotJava, AaptPackageResources where we only need the deps to correctly order the execution of those buildables.