Interface DexWithClasses

  • public interface DexWithClasses
    Object that represents a .dex.jar file that knows what .class files went into it, as well as its estimated dex weight.
    • Method Detail

      • getSourcePathToDexFile

        SourcePath getSourcePathToDexFile()
        path from the project root where the .dex.jar file can be found.
      • getClassNames<String> getClassNames()
        the names of the .class files that went into the DEX file.
      • getClassesHash

        Sha1HashCode getClassesHash()
        a hash of the .class files that went into the DEX file.
      • getWeightEstimate

        int getWeightEstimate()
        A value that estimates how much space the Dalvik code represented by this object will take up in a DEX file. The units for this estimate are not important, so long as they are consistent with those used by PreDexedFilesSorter to determine how secondary DEX files should be packed.